svpa picture

I live and paint in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Lewisburg is a small town in Central Pennsylvania. This area is a beautiful place and great to paint. I find it has an infinite amount of subjects to paint.

Over the years painting in natural light has become increasingly more important to me. I paint outside in natural light as much as possible. When I paint in the studio I use smaller works painted on location as reference. Sometimes in the studio I may refer to a photograph simply to help me remember the subject — not to copy it. I think a memory is a better reference than a photograph, it is always more beautiful.

Painting outdoors is great! There is never a lack of subject matter, in fact, most of the time the biggest challenge is editing what I see in an artful way. I feel these resultant works have a special creative edge to them.

I consider a painting a success when it transcends technical skills and has a certain mood to it. It must have feeling. Its technical execution is irrelevant, only a means to an end. The finish to a painting is a deeply personal thing. I feel it is mysterious and not explainable with words. That is why it is art.


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